Realtors, Design & Staging Companies

Abraxis Painting is an active partner with many industry professionals that specialize in the real estate field. Working mainly with realtors, designers and staging companies , we have developed a program with services aligned primarily with industry specific requirements to provide superior service & convenience.

Understanding that the need for this specific clientele is primarily focused on the following:

  1. Prompt Service
  2. Discounted Rates
  3. Preferred Availability

Abraxis Provides exceptionally quick service to our partners. When dealing with tight time lines and deadlines, Abraxis makes it a priority to deliver Same day Quotations, Discounted Partner Rates and can schedule your project with only 3 Day Production Notice. We like to make the project simpler and hassle free.

Every year roughly 35% of our residential referrals come directly from realty professionals & staging companies. Most often, Realty Professionals are looking for established painting companies that can produce high quality projects under tight deadlines with affordable rates. Abraxis Painting offers all the above. We believe in making the most of our business relationships and we guarantee your satisfaction with every project.

Whether we are working with Realty Professionals, or home owners looking to sell, rent or lease, Abraxis Painting will tailor the production to the specifics that are required. In some cases where a simple coat of paint is needed to cover damage and prepare for listing; Abraxis offers highly competitive quotes that can meet almost any budget or circumstance.

Property Maintenance

Abraxis Painting completes many residential & commercial projects that are directly related to property maintenance. Due to the harsh weather and climate conditions, many rental or freehold properties are affected. In cases where complexes of semi-detached homes or low- rise buildings are considered, damage from seasonal wear can dissuade potential buyers or renters. Understanding that certain projects of larger scale must be completed in a timely fashion, Abraxis Painting can deploy up to 20 painters to complete the project within the deadline.

Surfaces that are most commonly damaged are as follows:

  1. Exterior Wood Surfaces ( Windows / Shutters / Doors / Decks / Fascia / Tudor boards )
  2. Masonry ( Brick / concrete)
  3. Aluminium Siding
  4. Garage Doors
  5. Trim
  6. Stucco

Whether it is keeping existing tenants happy and satisfied from the appearance of the residence, or an attempt to draw new and more frequent prospective buyers, Abraxis Painting is able to suggest colour schemes and efficient service to draw in more business without the headaches of long delays and extended projects.

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